Presence PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) is a digital wellness company whose mission is to make the user experience of the World Wide Web and social media more efficient, intentional, and health-centric.

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What is Presence?

Presence Ally uses content analysis and curation technologies, optimizing them to work for your best interests, all while protecting you from distraction and overwhelm.

Consumed by Digital Media?

80 TIMES PER DAY We check our phones on average once every 12 minutes, consuming up to 9 hours of digital media each day. We are manipulated by sponsored content designed to hack our neurochemistry and monopolize our attention. We are held captive by a disorganized stream of irrelevant distraction, making it difficult to view content and connect with people we truly care about.

Worried for your Kids?

SUICIDE RATE HAS DOUBLED Today, we are seeing a two-fold increase in suicide-related hospital admissions among children ages 10-14. Research has begun to reveal a relationship between our digital media experiences and the alarming uptick in stress, depression, and suicide.

Lost in Web Searches?

30-YEAR-OLD TOOLS The World Wide Web is broken. Browsers and search engines, our primary tools for finding information and interacting with others, have not fundamentally changed for decades. These outdated interfaces distract and overwhelm us, making it difficult to find what we truly need.

Meet your Presence Ally

See what you want, avoid the rest

Presence Ally lets you quickly access relevant content while avoiding all the noise.

Information organized your way

Presence Ally proactively organizes website content and social media feeds based on what you are focusing on here and now.

Prevent distraction and overwhelm

Presence Ally brings what you need from the web into a separate, unified user experience that is free of irrelevant distractions and exploits.

Simple, relevant commerce and exchange

Today, web commerce is a tedious, manual, labor-intensive process. Presence Ally alternatively offers a global, decentralized marketplace, where you can directly conduct digital commerce. Working exclusively on behalf of your needs, it automates the matching of buyers to sellers, guiding them through a simple, unified workflow.

One centralized view into your social media presence

Presence Ally gathers all of your publicly visible information and presents it in one comprehensive, cross-platform view, allowing you to efficiently manage your online reputation and brand, acting as your own personal digital marketer.

Transparency and control over privacy and security

Within Presence Ally and our Social Mesh, content is private by default. You always control whom it is shared with, and you can easily retract this shared content at any time. Moreover, there are no centralized stores of personal information for hackers to breach or for data miners to commercially exploit.

Get back to what's important

Presence Ally lets you enjoy and amplify the benefits of social media by automating routine content collection and organization. It saves you time, while protecting one of your most scarce, precious resources: YOUR ATTENTION.

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Why this changes everything

Presence PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) is a digital wellness company whose mission is to make the user experience of the World Wide Web and social media more efficient, intentional, and healthy. Today’s digital media experience overwhelms users with disorganized information, distractions, and unwanted content. This is the problem we want to solve.

White Papers

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A two-page investor prospectus summarizing the problem Presence is solving, the solution, business model, target market, our team, and the investment opportunity.

White paper

PRESENCE: YOUR DIGITAL ALLY Solving the Riddle of Endless Distraction and Overwhelm in the Digital World.


Q2 2018: Security Token Offering
Q4 2018: grow the network
Q2-2019: first release of Presence Ally
Q1 2020: premium features

Subscription revenue

Q3 2020: commerce

Transaction fee revenue

Q1 2021: cash flow positive

Connectors and global expansion

Token Ownership Benefits

  • Dividends of up to 10% on profits
  • Governance rights on the design and operation of the network
  • The right to operate a masternode to ensure the security and integrity of the network

Token will be listed on exchanges once exchanges become compliant with SEC rules for security tokens

Token Allocation

Surf Boards 20%
Peaches 50%
Pancakes 30%
  • Budget Item 1
  • Budget Item 1
  • Budget Item 1

Our Team

Jason Strobus White

Co-founder & CEO. Innovator.
Technologist for wellness. Pragmatic optimist. Seasoned innovation and thought leader. Experienced enterprise, web application, and network architect.​​ Cultural change agent.

Joni Pidcock

Co-founder & COO. Conductor.
Product management leader. Relentless customer advocate. Unwavering commitment to product excellence. Producing innovations that truly drive shareholder value and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Daniel Loewus-Deitch

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer (CXO). User Advocate.
User Experience craftsman. Media Psychologist. Champion for holistic wellness and technological harmony.

Catherine Seo, PhD

Co-founder & Chief Community Officer. ​Media Psychologist.
Unstoppable community builder. Compassionate champion for wellness education and practices. Mindfulness practitioner and group leader. Passionate about people and technology. "I HEART technology. What future can we create together today?"

Ben Kurland

Blockchain Specialist & Chief Strategist for the Einsteinium Foundation
Prior to his time with Einsteinium, Ben was an actor who appeared in the Academy Award winning film, The Artist. His unique background makes him the perfect candidate to help educate our community about blockchain technology.

Liran Baron

Co-founder, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Experience in business development with several small startups. Liran brings significant marketing, business development, and entrepreneurial experience to the Presence leadership team.

Isaac Kulka

Co-founder & Vice President of Research
Critical thinking enthusiast. Healthcare experiences designer. Advocate for including user wellness as a core architectural feature of the web.

Wesley Robinson

Co-founder & Engineer.
Passionate about enhancing cooperation in arts, culture and science.

Our Advisors

Gary Ross

Leading securities law practitioner in both the cryptocurrency and online equity investment platform spaces. Gary has advised clients in the blockchain/ cryptocurrency space since 2015, representing Steemit, InvestFeed, CoinList, and many others.

Tom Smolinsky

Tom is a transformational information technology and cyber-security executive with over 20 years experience driving progressive IT strategy and developing high performance technology organizations and operations.

Sean Bridgeo

Energetic, highly motivated executive with over 15 years of progressive experience in financial management, accounting, planning & analysis, financing & treasury, and merger & acquisitions.

At a Glance

The Presence Mission

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Presence works tirelessly for the digital wellness of everyone. We recognize that social media and the Web form a complex ecosystem of great potential. This is not going away, nor should it. The same technology that fuels the Web can be optimized to empower human needs. Presence deploys an intermediating layer that sits between you and your online environment to ensure that your best interests are served.

Ready to get started?

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