Presence Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Presence PBC (Public Benefit Corporation) is a digital wellness company whose mission is to make the user experience of the World Wide Web and social media more efficient, intentional, and healthy. Today’s digital media experience overwhelms users with disorganized information, distractions, and unwanted content. Yet the technology exists to curate and present content in ways that support users in what they want to do with their most precious resource, their attention.

Presence is building a decentralized application, called Presence Ally, that will organize content, connect users directly with each other, and help them to avoid the unhealthy experiences of today’s web and social media platforms. The core digital wellness features will always be free to everyone. Presence will charge a subscription fee for Premium features that further enhance productivity and organization. We will also charge a modest network usage fee for direct, P2P transactions between users.

Presence is not a social media platform. Rather, it is an intelligent overlay that sits between you and all your social media accounts. It automatically curates and organizes your activity streams, empowering you to see what you want and avoid what you don’t.

Today’s centralized platforms mine your data for profit and become targets for large-scale data breaches, risking exposure of your personal information. Presence Ally puts you in control of your content by directly connecting you to other users and allowing you to securely share content. Furthermore, it automatically tags and classifies all network content, allowing for advanced facet filtering, curation, and contextual relevance. These friend-of-a-friend social connections form a semantically organized, peer-to-peer mesh network that leverages a secure messaging protocol and decentralized API layer. Together, this establishes a more focused, enjoyable Web experience, allowing you to participate in meaningful social exchange and automatically receive contextually relevant information that supports what you are doing here and now.

Presence Ally is decentralized to foster the greatest possible trust by users. In order for the AI algorithms to work most effectively, you must connect Presence Ally to your social media accounts, web search, email, text messaging, and other sources. All of this information will reside only on your device, never on a centralized server. Decentralization makes this possible, ensuring the utmost privacy and security.

The decentralized Presence mesh network will pair its intelligent curation and organization service with a digital commerce engine, enabling users to directly transact using cryptocurrency. Working exclusively on behalf of your needs, it automates the matching of buyers to sellers, guiding you through a simple, unified workflow.

Commerce with cryptocurrency is carried out anonymously and directly between the parties involved, and validated through the consensus of the community. This trustless decentralized commerce, using a cryptocurrency, allows your purchase history to remain private instead of being collected by centralized systems for monetary gain and unwanted content targeting.

We see Security Token Offerings (ICOs) as the decentralization of finance. As we create a web that works for you, we would like it to be as free from centralized financial influences as possible. An ICO lets us distribute the funding of the company more widely than traditional angel, private equity, or venture capital financing options.

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