Meet your Presence Ally

Presence Ally curates and organizes your digital life. It filters out what you don't care about and shows you the things you do.

See what you want, avoid the rest

Today’s web is a toxic soup of political vitriol, internet memes, and unwanted advertisements. What you want is lost in infinitely scrolling feeds and marginalized by click-baiting business models. Presence Ally lets you quickly access relevant content while avoiding all the noise. It proactively gathers and intelligently filters content based on your interests.

Information organized your way

Presence Ally proactively organizes website content and social media feeds by topic, people, places, and other facets. It curates this aggregated content into a state-of-the-art user experience, letting you intuitively pinpoint exactly what you need and want.

Prevent distraction and overwhelm

The business model of web and social media companies requires them to capture your attention and hold it for as long as possible. The psychological and neurological hooks they exploit are the same as those that are active in other cases of behavioral addiction, such as gambling. Presence Ally brings what you need from the web into a separate, unified user experience that is free of irrelevant distractions and exploits.

Transparency and control over privacy and security

On today's web, content is public by default. Social media and application developers play a cat-and-mouse game with hackers to ensure security and privacy. They frequently lose. Within Presence Ally and our Social Mesh, content is private by default. You always control whom it is shared with, and you can easily retract this shared content at any time. Moreover, there are no centralized stores of personal information for hackers to breach or for data miners to commercially exploit.

Centralized view of your entire social media presence

Many people today work with so many websites and social media platforms that it has become impossible for them to see what is published, where it is syndicated, who it is visible to, and who is engaging with it. Presence Ally gathers all of your publicly visible information and presents it in one comprehensive, cross-platform view, allowing you to efficiently manage your online reputation and brand, acting as your own personal digital marketer.

Get back to what's important

Social media can bring people closer to their friends and family, but it has also brought a lot of distraction and unwanted content. Presence Ally lets you enjoy and amplify the benefits of social media by automating routine content collection and organization. Thus it saves you time, while protecting one of your most scarce, precious resources: YOUR ATTENTION.

Simple, relevant commerce and exchange

Today, web commerce is a tedious, manual, labor-intensive process. Presence Ally alternatively offers a global, decentralized marketplace, where you can directly conduct digital commerce. Working exclusively on behalf of your needs, it automates the matching of buyers to sellers, guiding them through a simple, unified workflow.

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